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April 28, 2009, 04:50 AM
Hi Cornell,

Good suggestion...

But Careful when using those misc. Chemicals and lighting up too... :)

Always interesting to Peek around at particular industries... Fortunes are being made in the Manicure industry...

Big Bucks going Mobile these days No matter the Nail industry or other Endless business ideas that are more than ready for Mobile...


When it comes to the (20-billion-dollar a year) (a few years back) manicure industry in the United States, consumers are more likely to fear foot fungus, not the beauty products themselves...

The Beauty Industry's Ugly Secret

Just in case some Aren't into Painting their computer Keyboard nails... And prefer getting their dose of Chemical related products in a different format...

There are other Solutions to the problem... Which makes you realized...

Problems... Ideas... & Solutions... Are Never Ending... Open to the Mysteries and the diversification of the Imagination! ;)

Or How about a little Brainstorming and some Innovative thinking... The following company got into the Blank keyboard Niche...


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