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May 4, 2009, 07:56 PM
What makes it so amazing -- besides the learning aspect -- is how many dumb-dumb mistakes these 'experts' make! It gives people like me hope!

1) They SIGN a contract with someone on the spot, then they set up the filming of the infomercial -- then they are FILIMING THE INFO MERCIAL (with 10-15 CREW, cameras, suv on a tow platform, lights -- probably costing thousands + thousands per minute to have this all set up + running -- THEN they get a call from their legal department that the NAME OF THE PRODUCT needs to be changed IMMEDIATELY (copyright problems)!!! They get this news WHILE THEY ARE FILMING THE INFOMERCIAL ON LOCATION! An incredibly dumb-dumb mistake.

2) Another product -- another infomercial -- for a new power saw (great invention). They decide to dramatize the power of the saw by cutting an old car in half. They push the car INSIDE the studio -- under the hot lights. they start filming -- all angles. Cameras, crew (again 10-15 people, all being paid). As the guy is cutting through the car, everyone suddenly SMELLS GAS! Nobody (I mean NOBODY) thought to empty the fuel lines, KNOWING the car was going to be CUT IN HALF!!!

If those multi-millionaire marketing guys can make totally stupid, totally foreseeable mistakes like that, there's still hope for people like me.

It is just so cool to see the behind the scenes stuff in the infomercial world. To see what these guys go through. It's very cool.


-- TW

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