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Thomas Rice
May 4, 2009, 09:51 PM
Hi Ankesh,

A while back I started using DabbleDB (http://www.dabbledb.com/) -- it's not a Contact Management system, but is instead a relational database system you use to keep track of all sorts of information for personal use.

I've tried a lot of other systems in the past, but didn't really find one that let me keep track of meetings, associate people with companies, and various other things I wanted to track.

(I should point out I haven't tried any of the downloadable software options, as I wanted something I could definitely access online.)

So with DabbleDB I've got a system where I can set up new companies, associate people with those companies, set up new meetings + meeting summaries and associate those with people.

This lets me do things like look up a company and see my list of contacts associated with that company, along with when the last meeting was. I find this is particularly handy if you deal with a large number of people and are prone to forget when you last met with them was.

The only downside to DabbleDB is that it can sometimes be a bit slow to load.

Before using DabbleDB, I was using a similar system using Salesforce, but quickly dropped it when I came across DabbleDB due to the huge cost associated with Salesforce (particularly since I was only using it as a contact manager...).

Hope that helps!

- Thomas.

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