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May 8, 2009, 01:05 AM
"If only..."

If only big companies would have a way to field incoming ideas, without scaring them away, using inaccessibility (+ intimidation).

The Great + Powerful OZZZZ is so effective, there's no way to get to the little guy behind the curtain.

Sure, it's all puffery + posturing -- and I do see the reasons for it (they have to have a fortress to keep all the salespeople out) -- but SOMETIMES salespeople have offers that REALLY WOULD be of help to the big company!

The one with the idea never even tries because he knows the walls are too high + too thick.

It's a shame.

Any pointers on how to break through? Getting through to someone who has the brains (+ heart + courage) to recognize a good idea -- and reward the person offering the idea (instead of ripping him off).

-- TW

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