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May 11, 2009, 06:23 PM


Gary Halbert would laugh.

Someone has borrowed one of his psychological sales techniques - on-line.

Years ago Gary invented a new kind of Yellow Page and Classified Advertisement.

The Headline says, "Before you Order a New ABC Read This Special Safety Report". OR something along those lines.

The Yellow Page companies won't accept that kind of ad anymore. And Most newspapers won't either.

But the idea is Still ALIVE on-line.

AND...since it's something anyone can adapt in any industry or niche. I thought I'd share it here...

STEP I - You find a very successful crook. Who is masterful at marketing using pop-ups, google ads, twitter, facebook and more.

STEP II - You write a Blog telling the Bait and switch nature of the super crook group.

STEP III - You use keywords to get at the top of the google search for all the names and emails the CROOKS use in their marketing.

STEP IV - In your P.S. - you say, "If you'd like to check out an HONEST way to make extra munny from home - click here: ______________

For PETE'S Sake don't buy anything.

But the Gary Halbert marketing model is valuable AND entertaining!


P.S. - Here's the link to the "#1 Ranked google "Warning - Read this before you buy abc blog page" STRATEGY.

http://www.reviewopedia.com/www.earncashfastwithgoogle.com.htm?gclid=CJGp2_Sat ZoCFR9hnAod8mK2bw

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