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May 13, 2009, 07:47 AM
Thanks Michael.

Some more q's...

Is it common to also SPELL it Brizy (for short) in written form?

And, in England, more and more biz's are going for the simpler .com, rather than .co.uk. In Australia, is that also true? Is .com accepted as a very good domain name -- maybe even better than the ozzy version of .co.uk (whatever that is)?

Of course, in the US, .com is king above all others. If we have some other extension, we have to sit there and explain (OVEREMPHASIZING) that the name is NOT .com, the RE-emphasize it, etc. -- because it is just ASSUMED the name is .com, unless otherwise indicated.

In fact, if we type in a name without any extansion, our computers automatically take us to the .com version.


-- TW

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