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May 15, 2009, 08:08 PM

Thanks for asking.

They are ALL scams. And here is how they work...

Each Pay To Read or Pay To Click operation has another side. A Gauranteed Traffic program.

So a website owner thinks, "I'll BUY traffic" and hands over his money for a Guaranteed number of Visitors.

His website URL is then placed in an email - usually with a few other URLs of other hopeful webmasters - and sent to those who joined the Pay To Read/Click program. Those people then open the email, click the URLs within it, let the pages load then close them down again.

The website owner got his Visitors and the Clicker did their part.

It's a Scam to rip off people who want increased traffic. And by participating as a reader/clicker you are helping rip off website owners. And whether you will actually get paid is debatable - and if you do you could make more money working a part time job somewhere at min wage.

Michael Ross

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