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September 2, 2009, 05:12 PM

Thanks Dien for the F-r-e-e book - Here's one back at you. This Report has helped a lot of folks over the past 9 years. I thought I'd share the UpDated Report with you.

I really have kept my back pain at zero for almost 20 years with these 5 exercises.

ONE SIDE Effect, tho - a Massive Sex Energy Boost. Truth be Told - It makes me SMILE to imagine your Readers walking around with an ENERGY BUZZ.


Even with a 5 year - 100% munny back guarantee - I never get any returns. The info is THAT fantastic.


F-r-e-e S_ E_X Energy Report-Glenn

Dear Friend,

Thanks for Energizing Yourself and Reporting Results back to me.

Which is THE REASON I’m giving you this New - UpDated Version of “How To Fight Pain and Add Energy in 5 Minutes a Day” Special Report.

Dear Paul,

Thanks for ordering "How to Fight Pain w/7 Energy Vortexes.

I've had to re-do the Special Report that goes with the book.


Because after years of practice I've discovered better and quicker ways of getting results.

And I know now - after talking to dozens of people - who are doing these exercises - what to TELL you to expect.

Here's what I do Instead of lifting weights, going to a health club or letting my surgeon brother work on my back. (Which I hurt 30 years ago when someone at work bet me I couldn't pick up th front of a golf cart. I won 5 bucks but hurt my back.

Every time I bend over my back used to hurt.

Getting stuff out of the trunk. Leaning over to check the oil under the hood - my back would spasm.

Lifting groceries.

Even rolling over in bed was PAINFUL.


I do these 5 Exercises - Before I go out to the farm to help my Dad carry firewood, garden, chop wood, carry fertilizer or water in 5 gallon buckets down the steep hill to the garden. I figure 2 five gallon buckets full of water weigh 80 pounds. Not a casual undertaking without some exercise to protect your back.

You wanna' beef up your Energy AND your muscles in general too.

Plus you can Expect More and More ENERGY as you increase the # of reps you do.

FIVE MINUTES a Day is how long it takes me to do 20 repetitions of each of these 5 exercises from the book you ordered.

DIRECTIONS on How to Start Slowly IF your Back
or some other part of your body hurts.
This will help ease the pain from many different causes.

Quick back pain Relief: Many People have back pain because they don't keep their stomach muscles strong.

Exercise #1 - Get on the bed or the floor on all fours like a dog.

From your knees stretch out like you are going to do 1/2 pushups from your knees. Except you gently lift your stomach up and down. If you have no pain, dip your tummy closer to the ground. Aim for 10 reps or until you feel your stomach muscles tiring.

We've got customers in wheel chairs successfully doing this. So you can too.

Exercise #2 - Roll over on your back. Support your wgt on your hands and your feet. Gently raise your tummy up from the ground and back down 5 times. If you feel good do 10 reps.

Notice that you can do this in 2 minutes flat.

The above 2 exercises are 1st because you can do them anywhere and anytime your back begins to hurt.

YOUR GOAL is To BUILD UP Your Strength Until you can do these 2 Exercises Full Blast:

Full Strength Exercise #1 -

Pretend you are about to do some regular pushups. Your body is stretched out - your weight is on your hands and toes.

Vigorously and quickly raise your stomach up and down 20 times or until the burning in your stomach muscles gets to be as much as you can stand.
I usually do 20 or 30 of these at once. WEIRD. But afterwards - my back stops hurting.

Full Stomach Strength Exercise #2 -

Pretend you are a crab that has been flipped upside down. Or a turtle. You are facing up. All your wgt held on your hands and legs. Quickly raise your stomach off The ground to level or More than level if you can manage it. This will be uncomfortable. You don't normally bend your body this way. So start slow.


DIRECTIONS for all 5 Pain Relief Energy Vortex Exercises: (Do these in ORDER for maximum effect.)

The ancient Tibetan monks claim that each of these exercises stimulates an Energy Vortex in your body. This is their secret for living 100 years and more.

WARNING: When you do 20 reps of these exercises once or twice a day it gives you MASSIVE ENERGY. Since energy is basically Sex Energy it's up to you to decide how to use it.

To stack firewood.

Or chase hunky men or cute women.

OR Use Energy Vortex Exercise #6 to Absorb The Extra Energy. (The breathing, bending, shoulder shrug combo - I dunno how to put in print exactly.) Urges go away. #6 is The Secret to how the ancient monks live to be 100 and more - keeping active the whole time.

There are other warnings in the front of the book. When your body gets ENERGIZED your Immune System may decide to clean toxins and poisons out of your body. Don't panic if your skin breaks out in a rash. Or Your get terrible dandruff or some other symptom.

It just means your body is repairing itself by pushing stored poisons thru your skin. This only happens if you do a LOT of these exercises in a short time. (Call me and I can help based on experience with others - 410-235-6789)

Vortex Exercise I - Stand next to a chair for this. Turn left to right only. Spin 20 times as fast as your can. You can start slow and speed up later. Up to you.

I hold onto the chair after each spin toward the end of the 20 to keep from falling down.

Vortex Exercise II - Next you lie on your back. Both hands gripping your butt. Do 20 leg lifts. I sometimes lift one leg at a time for 20 reps. Your can keep your legs bent or straight. All depending on how strong your stomach muscles are already. Your goal is to build up to 20 or 30 straight leg lifts.

Vortex Excercise III - I do my Vortex Energy Spinning next to the bed because I don't want to take the time to get up and down to the floor. Plus kneeling on the hard floor hurts my knees.

Basically - see the details Plus photos in the book you ordered too - You get on your knees. Kneel straight up. Put the palm of your hands on the back of your thighs. Bend your head back as far as you can without pain. Each backward motion of your head counts as one repetition.

Vortex Excercise IV - IN FACT - Except for the Left to Right spinning - which has to be done on your feet. I do the other 4 Exercises on my bed. NEXT you turn on the bed. Look at the ceiling. Support your body on your arms and legs like a crab. Do 20 or 30 quick tummy lifts. As high as you can lift your stomach.

Vortex Excercise V - THIS is The One That Hurts after 20 or 30 Reps - Especially if you haven't done it in a while. Face down like you are doing full extension body pushups. Lower your stomach and raise your stomach as LOW and as HIGH as you can go - 20 or 30 times fast. At some point you will FEEL THE BURN. This means your stomach muscles are getting Stronger.

Strong stomach muscles support your back. Less back strain. Less pain.

After a very short time - NO PAIN. (Not just me. My clients report the same pain-Free Result.)

Simple as that.

Glenn Osborn

P.S. - ONE Reason NO medical doctor will tell you about these Exercises is: Since each person is unique. Each result or benefit will be different, special, unique.

Doctors and surgeons don't like unpredictable results.

P.P.S. - If You'd like to read a dozen Testimonials (OR ORDER a copy of the book with all 7 Energy Vortex Exercises Plus Step by Step Pictures) from people who do these Energy Vortex Exercises, go here:


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