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Dien Rice
September 14, 2009, 09:35 PM
Another Simple example of Growing wealth...

Coupon Gurus! ... It's Time to Hit those Affluent communities... ;)

A few more Affluent details to consider... Needs a little updating of course in our changing world...

Easy enough these days to Hit them online in your pajamas 24/7/365... :cool:

Thanks Phil! That's fascinating data about coupons - that the affluent are more likely to use them!

It probably reveals the reason some people became affluent... They tend not to "fritter" their money away, but when they spend, they spend wisely.

So, how do you sell to the affluent? It sounds like the affluent like a bargain as much as anyone else - maybe more so. If you "position" your product or service as a "bargain", how can you lose?

(It doesn't necessarily mean you lower the price... Another approach is to "add value".)

Great find, Phil!



P.S. I've been very busy traveling the last month, which is why I haven't been too active lately... I just got back home, so I'll be more active here again now... I've got a lot of things to share...

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