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Sandi Bowman
September 19, 2009, 06:40 PM
What you say has merit, however, I wasn't referring to banking stuff in particular. My concern these days is that people could falsify a LOT of things, not just your signature since information access is so easy these days.

What that means: with your basic info easily accessible on the internet, you could lose a lot more than money if someone had your handwriting style and characters all in one spot. You could find that your last wishes, your will, your testimonials on who knows what, or on anything that REQUIRES you to write more than your signature could be forged and you could suffer consequences not even guessed at.

It would be a BIG boon to the drug pushers if they could get hold of a doctor's writing and dupe it on stolen RX pads. No matter how you cut it, this scheme spells RISK in my book.

Go to a hospital and they'll check their records (eventually) to see if you've had specific things found or done there. A forged document could be a sure way to the morgue...and quickly. I see far more than just a simple checking account here.

Getting the wrong information into your files even at the social security office, is easy as pie as my sister found out recently. Trying to get it UNdone is nearly impossible and is costing her dearly...and it wasn't even her mistake...some clerical error on their part.

If anyone wanted to do you in, financially, medically, or otherwise, having access to your handwriting in an easily modified form could be disastrous.

I didn't even mention essays and other documents that are part of the educational and licensing processes. This type of font production makes 'must be in applicant's own handwriting' a big, fat, joke...and not a very funny one at that.

Sandi Bowman

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