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October 11, 2009, 10:54 AM
I've had 2 single moms , on 2 separate occasions, ask me this
week, if I knew of any ways they could make some "Christmas Money". I told
them I'd get back to them this week.

So...I had to go to the dentist to fix a filling and while in the chair, he
yells out to his asst, "Hey Megan! Look into getting some Christmas Cards
to send to patients?"

He then turns back to me and says, "Sending Cards out every year are a "pain in the butt" BUT, we do it to "keep in contact" with them so they remember us when they need dental work".

Well...this set off my Thinking Cap. These women could offer a "Greeting
Card Mailing Service" to Dentists and Doctors.

They'd have to solicit the offices and show a Flyer stating what they
do...maybe show 4 or 5 Sample Cards, quote a price per 50, 100, 250...and
ask for the order.

So...in my research I remember there's a co that will mail out Cards for you
for about $1 ea, including postage. "SendOutCards.com". Only problem as I
recall is, there's an Intro Fee of $200 or $300.

So...I'm hunting for a line of Cards that would work for Drs and Dentists.

AND...I'd like your input;

1) Is THIS a Viable "service"? Would Doctors or Dentists PAY for a service like this?

2) WHAT would they be willing to pay? Would $3.50ea, be too much to charge?

3) Where would I find a Line of Cards that would be good for Doctors or Dentists?

Don Alm

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