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November 13, 2009, 11:27 AM
When I "finally" found a supplier of high quality business cards at "dirt cheap" prices; 16pt, Glossy Coated, Full Color both sides;
2 by 3 1/2 - 1,000 for $23
4 by 3 1/2 - 1,000 for $75 (These are scored so they can be folded down to 2 by 3 1/2

I created some samples and went out and sold them.

1) Employee Gift Cards - these are the fold-overs, 4 by 3.5 size with the company's name on the front and 3 Panels of Discounts (9 squares on each panel) from local businesses. Discounts like "But 1 Pizza, Get 1 Free", "$10 Off an Oil Change", "$5 Off Tanning Session", "$10 Off Haircut or Styling".
Company's buy these to give to their employees as a "Gift". They build good will and help the local economy.
I sell them for $10 to $1.60 ea, depending on number of employees.

2) Credit Union Cards - these are the 4 by 3.5, foldovers, with 18 to 27 Discounts. Credit Unions buy them for 2 reasons;
a) Send to their membership as a "Thanks for being a Member". 5,000 for 85cents ea (my cost is $140)
b) Give to New Members as a "Welcome Gift". 500 for $5 ea (or Free, if they buy the 5,000 lot)

3) "Keeper" cards - these are regular business cards with the card holder's regular card on the front and...here's what makes recipients KEEP the cards instead of throwing them away; I put Special Discounts from 9 local businesses on the back, in Full Color.
When people receiving the cards see the discounts on back, they KEEP the cards to take advantage of the discounts, for a year. And, the regular card is on the front.
I can walk into ANY business and sell these for $189/M (cost me $25) Usually sell more than 1 order in each biz. Sales people LOVE these. RE Agents and Insurance and Mortgage people especially.

So...no reason for anyone to be "out-of-a-job". As long as there are businesses open for business, these cards can be sold. And, if someone can't go out every day and make $500 with these, imho they have "Bad Breath"!

PLUS...what makes the "Keeper" cards so great for me is, the Residuals. Clients run out of cards and re-order.

These have nothing to do with Internet Marketing or Websites or SEO or Autoresponders etc. They are simply, old-fashioned, "Burn the Shoe Leather", get out and see people "In-Person" and "Collect the Cash", programs....that STILL work.

Don Alm...still "hoofing it" (Keeps me young PLUS, I get to meet hundreds of business owners who give me their "wants & needs" for other projects)

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