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November 18, 2009, 12:43 PM
This is sooo coool, I have to share;

One of my Ad Programs is for New Car Dealers. Usually, to get in to see the owner of the Dealership...I have to go thru a gauntlet of people....all responsible for one thing; "Guarding the Boss's Time!" I call them "Rejectionists". Then, after giving 3 or 4 people my "pitch", I get shuffled off to a "possible meeting" in a "couple of weeks"....or asked to "Leave my Info"...which will never get to da boss.

So...on my last try to get in to see da boss, I asked the rejectionist of da boss was a smoker. She said he was.

THAT was my clue to use one of my many "Get To See Da Boss" techniques.

The Dealership opens at 8am. I figured that around 8:30, da boss would step outside for a smoke. So, I parked my car in the lot across the street and waited. Sure nuff, at 8:40...out steps da boss from the side door. He lights up and I go over, with my materials in hand, ....introduce myself and proceed to give him my Presentation.

He tells me he "Likes It" and invites me in...with the result being...I get a nice order.

So...my "Sales Tip" is;
In this day of "No SMoking Inside"....pay attention to prospects who are smokers...knowing that sooner or later they're coming outside to feed their habit....that's when you can catch them...without having to go thru the Gauntlet.

Have a great day,

Don Alm....Salesman

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