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December 7, 2009, 01:37 AM
Ok. So in the 1st post you said they had PAID a crook Then they Also paid you. NOW you say they didn't pay a crook at all, but got it for nix.

So either your 1st post was a LIE... or this explanation is a LIE. Either way you have blatantly LIED. And now busted for it, it casts Doubt on your entire message. What else are you LYING about?

That you Want people to steal your stuff. YOU, the same Don Alm who flies off the handle if you even Think someone has stolen from you, without even Knowing if they have. Now, after all these years of false accusation and Rants and boards all over, you expect me to believe you Want your stuff stolen?

I ain't buying it.

Michael Ross

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