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November 30, 2009, 01:34 PM
Hello....I've been selling reports and Starter-Kits for years. One thing that really gets my goat is when I see MY stuff being sold with someone else's name on it.

Some of my own customers make copies of MY materials and resell them as theirs.

Well...I've tried everything I could to try and stop "rip-offs" but, once something is downloaded....it can be copied and resold. I even used a program that placed a WaterMark on the pages so that the purchaser KNEW it was a Stolen item....didn't stop the "receivers of stolen goods from keeping it".

So...I've discovered that not only are the "Copiers" crooked....the "Receivers" are also.

So....after some testing, I found a way....NOT to stop the copying but...to make money from it by appealing to their "Greed Glands".

Inside each Report or Starter-Kit I put a Special Offer that is in line with the item purchased. In fact, this additional material is NEEDED by the purchaser to REALLY make money with the materials.

And...to get this additional material....they have to pay extra...at which time, if their order for the additional material does not jibe with the initial order, they are advised to "PAY for the initial order".

So....with a recent test...over 35% now, have paid for the initial order (even though they already paid for it from the crook)....and....bought the add'l material.

Thus....even though I lost sales to the crooks, I was able to pick up additional sales from the "receivers of stolen goods".

In fact....I think this stopped some of the copiers from copying because IF they read the initial materials, they'd see there is an additional step to take to get full benefit.

So....I think I have "information" that other "Info-Sellers" would like to have, to be able to finally "GET THE THIEVES TO HELP THEM MAKE MONEY!"

Now....this is only a 25pg report with some examples....I'd like to get an idea of what to charge for this information.

Give me your suggestions....even if you think it's not worth a dime, let me know.

Don Alm

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