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March 24, 2010, 03:31 PM
Dear Gordon - aka Casper,


You caught me furiously adding dozens of Videos to my GHOST MIND book.


Your thinking is interesting and very different from mine.

My reasoning went like this -

A - Napoleon Hill interviewed the richest men in the world

B - He compiled 12 lessons - they all shared in common

C - But BEFORE anything else in his "Laws of Success Course" he discussed Ideas in the ether, mind to mind communication, the Mastermind Principle and the Creation of a 3rd mind wherever two people meet "en rapport".

I took this to mean that to get maximum benefit from the other 12 Laws - you should try to apply ideas in his Introduction.

EVERYTHING Napoleon Hill suggests in his books work.

So I've started testing the WEIRD
ideas at the front of the book that
make the other laws easier to apply.

AND since I can't get volunteers for this. I ended up selling wild and crazy FLIRT Case Studies - with HOW-To-Profit - ACTION PLANS at the end of each chapter.

FUN and PROFIT - mixed.

I'd have never thought of naming a GHOST MIND.

Good one.

Just for fun I'm going to name My GHOST MIND - "Herman."

And to be contrary.

I think it's possible a totally different GHOST MIND is created for each person you get IN RAPPORT with. Which means the bigger your NETWORK - the more massive your GHOST POWER.

(This certainly ADDS to the fun of Networking with a large group! IF you imagine GHOST MINDS popping up like Fireworks everywhere!)

And "Herman" always surprises me with POSITIVE Mastermind Results. But I don't feel in control except to the extent of knowing something GREAT is going to happen.

Let's get Specific!

I just added this VIDEO to my GHOST MIND book.

Here's how Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hanson make
tens of thousands of dollars eating Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner....

By applying Andrew Carnegie's GHOST MIND in a very interesting way...




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