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March 25, 2010, 05:58 AM
Dear Gordon,

Thanks to your post about screentoaster.com

I went over there.

Made some quick Failure Videos. (Schools have it backwards - you gotta' fail to learn. Just don't spend money doing it.)

Then I Added a Video and Audio ACTION PLAN to each Chapter of my "Napoleon Hill GHOST MIND book.

It's now a VIDEO BOOK.

The auction price was stranded at 29.00

After I sent samples of the VIDEO BOOK add ons to the bidders - the auction shot up to 89.00!

Pretty fantastic. My 30 page book is now 100's of pages long - if you figure the Extra info in the audio/Video Links.


P.S. - What this means is that my little part time hobby of selling books on Ebay is Triple more profit and a Lot less work.

Cuz I can talk faster than I can type.

VIDEO BOOKS - huzzah!

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