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Sandi Bowman
December 29, 2009, 12:19 PM
Joem, you've been living under a socialist form of government for a good many years now if you're in the USA...regardless of what someone calls it, the reality is that socialism has been a big and growing part of our lives.

That said, let's see what kind of concrete advice there might be without going into too much detail.

--Stay alert and informed of all legislation pending and enacted so you can stay on the legal side of things. It might be good to subscribe to a couple of good news sources, preferably with opposing, or at least multi-faceted, views so you don't get just one side of the story.

--Protect your back side AMAP (as much as possible) with safeguards installed, insurance if called for, a thorough analysis of your vulnerabilities economically, and otherwise. Stay prepared!

--Be positive, active, alert, and aware of your surroundings, your total environment including neighbors and community activities. Watch for trends and unusual things as these are often tip-offs to dangers. Support those who support you...most police and firemen, health care workers, your local food bank and other services with your time, money, and effort.

Far from complete but a start at least. Socialism is just a handy hang-tag for those too lazy to check the degree and infiltration of other things. It's not a one-size fits all or an all-encompassing mode of operation...and neither is Democracy. Words matter but only if used with some common sense. Too many people these days use words to frighten and harass people into compliance...don't you be one of them. I'll try to do the same, okay?:)

Sandi Bowman

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