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Dien Rice
January 5, 2010, 12:01 AM
I want to set myself up as a 'toll position' for a few different projects.

Where can I get the boiler plate legal agreements for such things? Like, "I agree to do x and will pay you y for each customer you get," etc.

I know, I know, you're not a lawyer, etc. etc.

There must be some place to buy (or get for free?) such standard(ized) agreement paperwork -- yes?
Hi TW,

A "toll position" is a broad concept. It can include all different types, such as patents, copyrights, trademarks, secret formulas, contracts, and so on.

Not all of these require paperwork. For example, if you create a product which is your own "secret formula", the main thing to keep it as a toll position is to make sure your formula stays a secret!

For example, think of the secret formula for Coca-Cola, or the Colonel's "11 secret herbs and spices", or the "secret formulas" for highly effective cleaning products.

I recently saw a TV show all about different BBQ restaurants in the southern USA, and many of them had their own secret BBQ sauces and rubs. These secret BBQ sauces and rubs are also a toll position, since if you like the flavor, there's no other way to get it except to go back to that restaurant! Also, unless they know the secret formula, no other restaurant can copy their sauce or rub either.

Contracts can also be the basis of a toll position. For example, if you have an exclusive contract to be the distributor for a particular product for your region or even for the whole country, that can be a toll position.

You can find sample agreements for that, for example, at www.freelegalforms.net (search for the word "exclusive" and you'll see several "Exclusive Selling Contracts").

To find another possibly useful contract would be to go to www.freelegalforms.net and search for "distributor" - then you'll see a "Distributor Agreement" contract. (It also includes being an exclusive distributor, which is important.)

The kind of agreement you mentioned sounds similar to "Finder's Fees". Jim Straw has a sample contract you can use in his "Finder's Fees" report.

I think you have to think specifically what kind of toll position you want to get. Then see if you can find a sample form online, or elsewhere. Another approach is to write up your own contract as best you can, then get a lawyer to look it over and fix it up if it needs any work. That's usually cheaper than getting the lawyer to write it up from scratch.

I hope that helps!


P.S. I'm not a legal professional, so don't consider any of this as legal advice....

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