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January 16, 2010, 01:25 AM
Promoting a marketing seminar/workshop for small business owners.

Which 3 of these bullet points would you find most enticing? (if any)...


New way to IMMEDIATELY improve your marketing mindset.

What "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" does NOT tell you.

New definition of marketing - and how it helps you see things more

How to use target marketing to your advantage.

"Patented" method turns features into benefits.

When to think like a consumer, and when not to.

The "3 B's" to avoid at all costs.

The 4 essential elements to all marketing.

Fool-proof way to (finally) uncover your USP.

The nine most powerful words in marketing (you've never heard this
anywhere before).

How to evaluate and improve the marketing "path" you set up.

Take an X-ray view of other companies' marketing efforts.

Instant 16-point "Marketing Self-Diagnosis"

Find out where your marketing "blind spots" and "leaks" are.

How your business fits into the economy and capitalism, in general.

Is the internet actually hurting your marketing mindset?

3 instant "Marketing Miracle Cures" most people don't even use!



-- TW

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