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February 3, 2010, 05:00 PM
I just got this from a buddy and thought I'd pass it on for "food for thought" ;

It's called "Customer Re-Activation" - a retired dentist goes around in his motor home and every time he wants to make $40 grand he works out a "customer reactivation" strategy with a local dentist office somewhere. He takes their old customer files and mails out letters that get those people back in the door. His cut is 100% of their first visit. Re-activating old customers is highly profitable, whether you do it for yourself or others.

Dentists charge a "pretty penny" for their work and....the "lifetime value", at least for the next few years, of each patient is in the thousands so, they can easily afford to give up their "first visit payment"...which can be $185 for a cleaning & x-rays to $600 for Teeth Whitening to $900 or more for a Root Canal (what my dentist charges)

So....I KNOW that many dentists in my area are looking for ways to get more patients and are very willing to pay for them. How do I know this? Because their Ads use the "Code Words"...."Now Accepting New Patients" or "New Patients Accepted".

So....you come up with a way for them to get Patients and you can write yer own ticket.

I like what this guy's doing because he doesn't charge UpFront for getting Appointments. He charges by what the patient is billed. I'm assuming he has a way of checking on what the patient is billed.

One of the programs Jeremy Shoemaker (He has the biggest blog on the web) has done is getting leads for Dentists by running Ads for "FREE Teeth Whitening - $600 Value". He charges $75 for each "Lead" whether the prospect turns into a Patient or not.

The patients still have to pay the "New Patient Fee", which is $185 for Exam, Cleaning & X-Rays. So...the dentist makes $110. The Teeth Whitening costs $10 in materials and less than an hour time for an ass't.

Food for thought on a Dreary, Wintry Day.

Don Alm

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