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February 27, 2010, 11:45 PM
Dear Will,

Thanks for asking about proven retail ideas.

I've always had fantastic success with ideas for retail clients borrowed from Richard Branson and Wal-Mart.

Richard Branson has pretty girls giving massages to his business class passengers. SO POPULAR you are asked to call in advance to reserve a massage.

I've seen signs in my local Wal-mart for similar offers...


Free photos of your kids.

Free Photos of Your Pets.

COST to you?

Zip, Nada, Nothing.


I'd advise offering something FREE for the pet dog. Weird but many people seem to pamper their dog more than themselves or their kids.

How do you find a Masseuse or Pet Photographer who will work for F-r-e-e?


Call thru the yellow pages.

NOBODY is full up.

Especially look for the SMART ONES who already offer a F-r-e-e Massage or
F-r-e-e Photo Consultation.

WHY will these people show up to the Thrift Store
and massage and photograph your customers - gratis?


This is the #1 most successful way that they market themselves ALREADY.

Showing off what they do.


P.S. - There are lots more things you & the Thrift Shop owner can do. A Free Coupon Book Valued at 500.00 or 1700.00 is a favorite of mine.

Again - it costs you nothing but paper and staples.

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