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March 14, 2010, 11:11 AM
Pros: You now have an abundance of web support sites out
there to help you. That why I believe that
"Lack of expertise including computer know how"
is not as much a factor as it has been in the past.
First there are a mutitude of sites to help you create
your domain & web pages. In the past you would need
to understand HTML (web programming language) or hire
an expensive web designer to accomplish this. These sites
let you easily do it for yourself.A couple of examples are:


Next, there are onlne form sites that let you collect
information from your visitors with surveys, contact forms,
employment applications, medical questionnaires, online
product order forms & every type of online form imaginable.
Again, in the past this would require even more technical
knowhow of an even larger outlay of cash. Now it can be done,
on your own, for only a few dollars a month. Examples:


And finally, ecommerce (selling stuff online) has also been
simplified with sited like:

http://www.cart32.com & http://www.zen-cart.com.

The bottom line is that it is a lot easier for the average Joe
to have a professional online presence and compete with the
big boys.

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