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March 5, 2010, 10:13 AM
While I was at Lawrence's blog, at informarketing dot com, I took the time to read a few of his most recent articles.

You should read about www.voices.com (http://www.voices.com)

Visit the site and I want to point something out, something I wrote about back in 1998, I called it the "perfect" web site, which offered a binary matrix, a series of choices between two items.

This site seems to be a very good template for implementing this binary strategy.

IF you listened to Spiders, Snakes and Mice, OH MY...you'll remember I was taught at 9 years of age, to ask


I offered a choice of flowers, "Would you like a yellow or purple bouquet?"

NOT, would you like to buy some flowers?

Study www.voices.com (http://www.voices.com) and brainstorm...is there a way YOUR product or service could be "split in two" and/or be made into a choice of this and that?

I think this is an excellent site, and thanks to Lawrence Bernstein for pointing us to this.

Gordon Jay Alexander

PS. The total "look" of a Binary Matrix resembles a pachinko machine, but there are only two "gates" or paths to go on, each path gives you more information about the person.

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