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View Full Version : Who remembers this Jay Abraham JV template?

March 26, 2010, 12:46 PM
Hello Sowpub,

I remember reading Jay Abraham's suggestion to getting a promotional together that you can use for non-related offers; say, a lawn care manufacturer mailing its clients to promote a home study course. The template went something like,

'Dear friend,

I know it seems unusual that we at Lawn Care Inc would mail you about something as (different/unlikely/far away from lawn care) as a home study course... but,

(and then it continues. I'm not sure exactly, perhaps it goes into reasons why, an introduction to the other company as a friend who shares the same values and commitment to quality , and some other sales points).

Does this ring a bell to you?

I'm looking for whereever this came from. I think it was audio.

Any other tips on promoting a non-related JV is welcome!


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