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April 6, 2010, 09:46 AM
I thought I'd drop in and mention a Sales Technique I used MANY MANY years ago in my first year of sales and can be used today to make EASIER SALES of anything...including On-Line stuff;

A company near where I lived was making "Water Filters". These were small, aluminum can looking things with a spout. It sat on a counter near the sink. When you wanted clear, filtered (charcoal filter) drinking water...you attached the hose to your faucet and ran water thru the unit and you filled a gallon jug with clear, clean, filtered water.

Well...instead of trying to sell these thru retail stores...the mfg set up a Sales Force where each salesperson got 10 units a week...on a Friday afternoon. The sales people (myself included) would then take a Territory...go down one side of a residential street and back the other side...stopping at each house...offering to "leave the unit for a week" and you'd be back next week to either pick up the unit or a check.

Well...this was called "The Puppy Dog". (If you give someone a cute, little puppy to take care of for a few days or week...there's NO WAY you were going to get it back)

So...fast forward to this day and apply it to Websites or...Mobile Marketing or Videos.

As an example: If you create a website for a Roofer (or Chiropractor or Dentist, etc) and offer that site to 10 Roofers with the first one who pays for it, gets it....whala! (Puppy Dog!) It's ALREADY BUILT...all you are looking for is a "Renter".

Or...Offer to Create a "Mobile Site" for a business at NO obligation (This is where consumers can access information and even Videos about a business...on their CELL PHONES. Gather the info put up the site...show the owner and tell him you'll be back in 2 weeks. Chances are...he WILL BUY! (Puppy Dog)

Walk into ANY Retail Store (or Service business; Roofer, Plumber, Electrician, Heating & Air Cond, etc) ...ask owner if you can "Make a Video" of his business (store), at NO up front fee or Obligation. Take digital photos and make a Video/DVD with PhotoStory3...go back to store...show owner video you created on a Portable DVD Player (Phillips, $88 at WalMart) and whala... chances are HIGH he will buy. (Puppy Dog)

I've specialized in Restaurants because they take GREAT PRIDE in their "Interior Decor". They spend much time and money on their Interiors, only problem is...to SEE their Interior Decor you must be INSIDE.

I offer to make a Video of their restaurant including many shots of their Inside and Plates of Food. I show the owners a Sample of what I've done, by running my Portable DVD Player (Phillips, $88 at WallyWorld)

They give me the OK. I take shots with my Kodak Easy Share Digital. Go to my office and create a Video with PhotoStory3...then burn it to a DVD with Sonic ($19.95 on PS3 page)....put the DVD in the Portable DVD Player and go back to the restaurant.

When owners sees what I've done...he BUYS! (Puppy-Dog)

Also...let's say you do SEO or AutoResponder Service and you want to get some business from biznesses with existing websites. Make a Full Color POSTCARD of the first page with a Photo and Boxes with arrows pointing to how you can Improve their site.

This is a form of the "Puppy-Dog". When they get THIS PostCard with THEIR Website on it....they HAVE TO LOOK AT IT! It's THEIR website. Now that you grabbed their attention...you tell them what's wrong with their site and how YOU can improve it.

Works for me!

Think about "Puppy Dogging" your sales.

Don Alm...sales guy
"50 Ways to Make 50 Grand Starting with $50"

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