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April 7, 2010, 10:58 AM
You can live ANYWHERE! on the planet.

I live in an area of over 20% UNemployment. Businesses are closing down. My favorite restaurant closed yesterday (What people who vote for Democrats don't realize is; They are voting themselves OUT of INcome)

However...people like me who've NEVER relied on "someone else" for a paycheck (except my first job out of college (General Electric Corp. where I discovered I had replaced a man who was just about ready to get his "Retirement Benefits". Instead they fired him and I was the replacement. That's when I determined to "Find My Own Sources of INcome" and 18 mos later I had my own biz up and running and I never looked back.

With this Internet thing you can live anywhere on the planet. Yesterday I talked with a guy (Caucasian) who lives on a beach in the Philippines. He builds websites for people all over the globe. He can live anywhere he can get to an Internet Provider or Wireless HookUp.

In fact...he does something that is part of what I do. He "Puppy-Dogs" his service. ("Puppy-Dog" selling is based on giving potential clients your product BEFORE they fully pay for it) He offers to build a "Mock-Up" website at NO UpFront fees. He has potential clients email them their Logos or Slogans and contact info...plus an idea of what they'd like to have on their site. He then builds it and shows it to them. If they like it, they THEN pay him his fee
($500 to $1500) He told me he rarely has ever had anyone NOT pay him.

So...that's the MAIN Benefit of being on this Internet Thingee....FREEDOM to live ANYWHERE on the planet. However...you have to have the "Mindset" that YOU can be independent of anyone or anything else.

I'm watching, ashamedly, here in April of 2010, as I see the GREATER percentage of Americans who have become DEPENDENT upon others, including the Gummit, for their INcome.

Our Gummit (pushed by the Enviro Gestapo) have shut down our forests. They want "Everybody OUT!" Why? Who knows. It surely isn't because they give a hoot about an Owl. So...what do familes who've been working in our great forests for generations do for INcome? You got it...become Dependent on da Gummit.

And...where does da Gummit get it's "Stash" to dole out, piecemeal, to citizens? Mostly from the small, Independent, businesses...who they are trying to kill with excess taxes. I don't get it. "We've" been taken over by a "Regime" unlike any we've ever known. What their "Real" intent is, who knows. One thing for sure though...US "independents" are looking more seriously at those beaches in far off places where we can get a good connection to the Internet....to continue providing for ourselves.

Don Alm....INdependent
"50 Ways to make 50G's starting with 50bux"

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