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April 8, 2010, 01:10 PM
Dear TW,

Thanks for listing some headlines.

Un-tested. I can tell.

Because none of them make me WANT to know more.
(No offense. I just had my own Ezine readers tell me the same thing.
I THANKED them. Wrote some Better headlines. ASKED their opinion again.)

Perhaps if I tell you how Gary Halbert (The guy who taught me to write)
tested his headlines that would help.

Years ago I was on the phone with Gary. Gary liked to talk to folks while
driving around in his car. One of his copy cubs (writers in training) would

Every couple minutes Gary would say, "Excuse me. Gotta' talk to
somebody." I'd hear some mumbling. Then he was back. This happened
over and over again.

Eventually - Gary handed the phone to his driver to talk to me while he
chatted with a crowd of women.

I was curious!

I asked the driver. "Why do people come over to your car and talk at every
stop light and crosswalk?

The kid said, "It's Embarrassing. Gary repainted his Mercedes HOT PINK.
Wherever we go women run over to the car Ooooh and aaahhh over it.
And then Gary asks their opinion of a sales letter he's working on. Drives
me nuts. I've heard it 50 times today."

I asked him, "Wow, but it sounds like you have more than one woman there
at the car now?"

"You can hear them? One girl comes over. Then a 2nd one. Then a third.
Pretty soon Gary is chatting to a crowd. Guys too."

I laughed. "The men LIKE the HOT PINK car?" I asked. "No, they think I'm
gay. But Gary doesn't care. He just LAUGHS. He's not driving!"


I hung up and promptly had the lady who makes my CHAIN MAILE ties make
me a HOT PINK metal tie. (Which works GREAT. Where-ever I go women
come over to compliment my tie.)

Because I recognized what Gary was doing.
Cuz I do it too.
Just not as efficiently!

Gary was attracting 100's of people over to his car.

Testing headlines. Subheads.
Opening Sentences.
The Reason Why.
And Offers on them until people started to say, "WHERE can I get that

THEN he'd go back to the office and write up a Guaranteed Winner. I know
they were winners Because I've been in the room many times when Gary
CLEARED the entire seminar room.

He'd READ a sales letter at a seminar.

70% of the people there rushed outside to order whatever he was s elling.
You can ONLY do that when you've Tested your copy lots and lots of times.


Now we know ow Gary did it. So You can do it too.

So I ask my buyers
over and over "WHAT DO YOU WANT To BUY"

Give them --Thank You Bribes-- to get their Opinions.

Then create the WINNING product.

"UGLY COPYWRITING..." (for example) was a clear winner and has sold well.

Glenn Osborn

P.S. - The RULE is only borrow Proven, mega-successful Headlines. You can
starve trying to write your own....

Click on the link - Below - And You'll SEE the exact words I used to adapt
Gary's 1.00 bill letter Strategy. Put it right after the DEAR FRIEND, part of
my "UGLY" Sales Letter.

I use it a lot because that sucker has grossed billions - if you count Gary, his
clients and his readers.

Borrow the most profitable ideas you can find.


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