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April 9, 2010, 01:34 AM
Thanks TW.

De-crypting Glenn's last post - he is saying:

i. Test your words on the actual end users / buyers.

ii. Or better yet, start by asking the end users what they want to buy. Listen to them. And then give them what they want. Using their own words.

iii. Start copywriting by adapting the words used by kickass copywriters that have already worked - instead of starting to write the headlines from scratch.


I have referred Glenn and his website to a few folks before. And have always received mixed response. I think Glenn is the master of polarization. I'm not sure if he has crafted this image with a lot of care or if it just came about... but he is one of the few people who has been able to manage polarization in a way that:

i. People who love him - love him
ii. Others just feel confused or indifferent

Usually - polarization happens with love / hate. Not love / confusion. (The only other person who I can think of who had the exact same reaction from folks is R Buckminster Fuller.)

Glenn uses his writing as a barrier to entry. Not everyone can get past his writing. But the people who do - love the topics he writes on. I'm pretty sure that Glenn's refund rates - and he offers a 365 day refund option - are very very low. Thats because his writing style does the job of attracting his right people very well. And keeping others at bay.

Also - if you do spend the time to deconstruct one of his salesletters, you will find the AIDA formula at work there too. But just that things are jumbled around a bit. And bullet points and testimonials are strewn around as sharpnels. Which makes the salesletters messy but very very effective.

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