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April 20, 2010, 06:22 PM


I just got off the phone with a man who is getting back into Network
Marketing after selling his 1st downline.

He complained that 8 of 10 people he talks to
Say "No" or simply won't listen.

Here's what he says to prospects now, "Do you want to make Extra Money
Selling World Class Health Products?"

He's really intense and passionate too. He's turned his own health around
with this stuff.

I guessed correctly.

He said, "How did you know I'm scaring people?" (I knew because he was
Scaring ME!")

I suggested he adapt a door to door Sales Script that has created a billion
dollar water filter business and a billion dollar Health product business.

And I suggested it because the two Sales Scripts start out almost the same.

The Two Billion dollar Sales Script goes like this...

"Do you want an Opportunity to make a Lot of Extra Money with ZERO work?
I'll do the work for you."

"No" answers you ignore.

"Yes" answers you say, "Great. Do you have time for me to make you some
money - right now? Or maybe later today or this evening?"


I - You qualified them
II - You got a yes
III - You got some of their time (ALL steps he was skipping)


NEXT You ask, "Do you know anyone ELSE who wants to make Extra Money
with no work?"

#1 - You call down a list of 15 or 20 people. You say, "Hi. I'm sitting here
with your friend Helen. She says you are like her. You'd like to make
Extra Money without any Extra work. Is that true?

They answer, "Yes"

You Reply - "When is the best time for us to call you back and show you the

#2 - You hang up and turn to your prospect and ask, "If all 6 of these folks
sign up you make 50.00 each or 300.00 a month. If only 3 join us - you
make 150 bucks.

"You noticed I hung up after I got a "YES" and an appointment with the first
6 people off your list."

That's cuz If I sell them without you signing up 1st - you don't get paid your
50.00 minimum a month.

#3 - You pull out the Sign up form. Hand them a pen. And walk them thru
the paperwork including their credit card and SS#

#4 - Then you give them the website address to get all the product lists and
testimonials and scientific studies.

MY Problem...

The Guy I explained this to didn't GET IT.

He asked, "When do you explain about the products. The health benefits?"

I said, "You sell the SIZZLE 1st. Most people don't want to hear about the
hard to understand details yet. Those that DO. Send them to the company
website. And move on."

HE SAID, "Could you send me an outline of what you just said? I don't
understand where you explain the product details."

Any suggestions?

Do you think the sales System is too Different for him to grasp?

Or should I explain it differently?


P.S. - I sent him The Table of Contents for a longer, more detailed description of this concept in one of my CD programs.

He's looking at it...


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