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April 22, 2010, 08:14 AM
Greetings Dien, Gordon and the Group,

I am posting this at several business websites to be a warning of how some will lure you to their website by posting supposed success stories, to win your confidence, then take advantage of you by grabbing your money, but never deliver on their promises.

After about a month of emails back and forth, with excuses and pretending to not know what I was referring to, this individual refunded my money claiming I wanted to Re-sell their material. I didn't. I wanted to put it to the test to see if it was more viable streams of income.

But the long and short of it is he didn't think I would request his bonuses per his report's instructions and continue to follow up when he wouldn't respond. I followed the instructions to the letter but he delayed and delayed repeatedly until he was forced to refund my money.

Sadly, I've defended this person in the past. Today there is validly to the claims that this person should not be trusted.

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