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April 28, 2010, 05:41 PM
Dear Brent/Phil,


I'm going to follow up on both of your suggestions.

A Thank You Reward For Your Informed/Valuable ideas -

Here is the 1st 5 Steps of an EXTRA ENERGY Exercise
series I've been Testing and Adding onto for years.

(Because of Arthritis I can't jog, walk or exercise normally - anymore. So I've Replaced all that with THIS.)

The Basic Exercises have been handed down from a couple thousand years
ago - so I guess it's Not surprising they have EXPLOSIVE Results.

2 or 3 Minutes a day to get
this kind of Results...

#1- I Feel Better - This note today from Bart in Kentucky... (He did the 138
second Exercise 5 times in 24 hrs) Thanks. been using the exercises you
gave me and feeling better. Havent started chasing young girls... yet...but
have noticed I am looking at them more lol - Bart


#2 - Jenny Feels Energized! Glenn,*After my first try *only* the first 2 days
after I always wake up so early as 4am. So, Energized!!
Wow! that's totally different from my daily routine.
Thanks to you Master Yoda!! Jenny

#3 - Women Are Watching Him Hi Glenn, Thanks for the warning about
your Energy Exercises. Suddenly girls are watching me. And telling me
personal things. Yesterday a pregnant teen in front of me at the Deli tells
me she is taking horse pill vitamins for the baby. Since theyre so big she
takes them with applesauce. She starts laughing. I must have made a
face. Very strange. Eugene


#4 - Weird Energy Boost in 10 Hrs - Chris in Florida says, Well, it may
have taken about 10 hours or so, but yes, I experienced the 'weird energy
boost' that you talked about over the phone.


#5 - I Stopped Taking Naps at 2pm - By phone Denny in Virginia reports, I
used to get tired at 2 or 3 pm every day. Id sit down and watch the golf
channel and fall asleep. After 4 days of doing the exercises I no longer fall
asleep. Im wide awake!


#6 - Happy Feet Feeling - "Suddenly when I walk thru the Mall or a store
my feet dance. They were doing this all by themselves before I noticed.
Weird. Snoopy of Peanuts and I suddenly have dancing feet in common!


#7 - Odd Sleep Patterns Hi Glenn. You told me to tell you about anything
unusual. Since starting your Energy Exercises I find myself wide awake at
3 am. I work a while. Then go back to bed. Never happened night after
night like this. I sleep like a rock. Patrick


(These Testimonials came in a week After I shared This List of Directions
with 10 of my Ezine Readers.)

Dear Linda,


I added some ideas that when tested seems to boost the EXTRA ENERGY
results of these 5 Exercises ten times.


Just these alone are getting Amazing Results.


Start with 10 reps and build up from there... (Going Fast I can go thru these
in 2 minutes 18 seconds)

(I have one guy in a wheel chair who is feeling better - with this. He Spins
his chair/lifts one leg 10 times. Then the other - STILL Works for him.)

I - STAND NEXT to a chair - 10 fast breaths and hold it while you spin
10 times clock-wise

II - Lie on bed or floor on your back - 10 leg lifts
Goal is to reach vertical - but 45degrees is good start

III - Kneel on the bed or floor. Grab back of thighs with hands. Bend
shoulders and head backwards. Arch back and forward 10 times - gently.

IV - Turn on your back. Support wgt on hands and feet. Raise navel toward ceiling 10 times

V - Flip to Push-up position. Support wgt on hands and feet.
Drop stomach as low as possible. Lower stomach up and down 10 times

IF you get Sudden and MASSIVE Energy
call me right away.

So I can teach you how to Absorb it safely. THAT step is more complicated.


P.S. - I'm Testing these Testimonials in an Ebay Auction for a VIDEO BOOK... I should find a Health or Arthritis social media site for this.


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