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May 10, 2010, 11:56 AM
Hello Jake,
It sounds (haha) like you're trying to create
a video using Microsoft Movie Maker. If you
follow that link that "Bozo" supplied and study
the instructions on that site, it'll provide
answers for you.

However, in my opinion you're better off
serving up videos in the flash (flv) format.
You'll provide a much better viewing
experience for your web visitors.

The flv format also has produced a large
number of simple tools for people who
want good video, but don't want to know
(or don't have time to learn) the
gobble-dee-gook of producing great video.

Here are some tools that I personally use
to place both narration and music on video.

Bear in mind that these are simple to use
programs that'll most likely give you the
results that you're after.

1. Quick Media Converter
Converts all types of video format to Windows
Media or whatever you like. I use it. I love it!

FLV to WMV Converter
2. Sometimes I need (very rarely admittedly) to
do a quick flv to wmv conversion, so I pick FLV to
WMV Converter.

3. Outside of using Adobe Macromedia, this is
the premier tool for editing flv files. I can't
believe it's free! I love this proram. It's simple
to use and you can add music, narration,
crop videos, etc.

Jake, I know Windows Movie Maker is part of
your Microsoft package, but trust me when I
say it's a big headache to configure.

It's supposed to be simple, but for the individual
who's new to video, it's a real pain. Why not opt
for the easier road of flash?

God loves you.
Brent Whinfield.

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