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May 19, 2010, 08:27 PM
Dear Gordon,


You may know this.

But before and after Alan Luddan (Password) died Betty White was very rich. (And her family grew up in show biz. So she knew movers and shakers.)

She invested her money in what she knew about. TV and Movie production companies. The projects of friends she respected and had worked for.

30 or 30 years later Betty is a lot like Mary Tyler Moore - who inherited a billion dollars in her Grant Tinker divorce.

Her investments have grown many times. She owns large Chunks of stock in major major players in all areas of THE BIZ.

So - yes she is talented and driven.

Yes, she has full time joke writers on her payroll.

Yes, she is a control freak and pre-scripts much of what she does when she visits a talk show. Or does a Guest Spot.

But as smart as Betty is she would be in a retirement home with the rest if she didn't CONTROL or influence the companies that hire her, put her on Dave Letterman and other shows...

FEAR and Respect come into play there too.

She owns CHUNKS of businesses that over-lap theirs!

Hers is a good disguise. White haired and motherly.

But the REAL Betty is more like the Movie character she played that has 100 foot long alligators as pets!

Sharp mind - Sharp teeth.


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