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May 21, 2010, 10:27 AM
People in S. FL keep an eye on hurricane season, which comes very soon. Those that have experienced a hit get a little concerned this time of year.

Forecasts say we could have an ACTIVE season. I have no scientific backing, just my gut, but, LOOK out Miami.

What happens when a storm forms off the West African coast is; there is a watchful buzz. A few head to Lowe's, Home Depot and Walmart to start stocking up.

IF a storm forms and the projected path is in your area, the store shelves clear out pretty quickly.

A day out from impact, there is a bee hive of activity going on.

Here in S. FL, there seems to be 3 preoccupations.
Tar Balls.
TIME expenditure.

I'll start with the last. The anger is growing over the Gulf of Mexico oil spill and the way BP and the US Gov have handled it. ONE side effect is this: many communities are having their planners working on a contingency plan.

In Key West, an all volunteer "army" has formed to help with clean up, IF the oil comes ashore there. The strong Gulf current "MAY" pull the oil from the Gulf (it will) and the beaches along S. FL could find some nasty results.

This TIME being spent on what if and worse case scenarios have some local gov't spending money they don't have for possible events.

IF we don't get the Gulf cleaned up ASAP, the side effects could be as devastating as if a hurricane did hit the S. FL beaches.

So where is the OPPORTUNITY? Well, keep in mind the old adage of selling tools to the miners, which comes from the great gold rush of the nineteenth century. The guys who struck gold were the ones selling the tools to the miners.

I see some of the doom and gloom investment advisors are telling their readers to keep an eye on OIL and energy stocks, which could spike upward if a hurricane forms and heads toward the Gulf.

Plywood and duct tape will fly off the shelves when a hurricane forms as will toilet paper and canned goods, generators, ice, etc.

There is a calm in the eye of the hurricane, I know, I've been in one. It was one of the most beautiful and magnificent spectacles I've ever seen. This happened while I was on a submarine and we surfaced into the eye of a big storm.

It is in the CALM where your decisions would be best made, that is, the decision to prepare and have a plan of action rather than wait and respond to the storm.

I see so many people online who are REactive and fewer and fewer which are proactive. Here at SowPub, despite recent spam attacks, we have a tendency to be more PROACTIVE.

Folks, there are hurricanes of bad news, much DOOM and GLOOM headed our way...and my response is

DON'T WORRY-BE HAPPY (To be continued)

Gordon Jay Alexander

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