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Dien Rice
June 3, 2010, 01:08 PM
I don't think the age of simple inventions is over...

But first, I found this interesting article on simple inventions. From 1931!

However, I think the lessons in the article are still relevant today...

It mentions various simple inventions. These made their inventors rich - yet they're quite simple.

Inventions like metal bottle-caps, collapsible umbrellas, and safety pins. We use these in our lives all the time.

The article is called "There's Money in Simple Inventions." It's from "Modern Mechanics and Inventions" magazine, July, 1931. You can read it at the following link...


(There are two pages. You click on one of the links after the first page, to see the second page.)

However, there are still simple inventions succeeding today.

Here's a simple seat-belt height adjuster, so that seat belts will fit children better. They'll also help improve safety.

When you look at what it is, it's pretty simple. It just took someone with a good idea, and the impulse to push it further than the "just an idea" stage...



Here's another invention. It helps keep your washing dry from any passing rain shower.


It's essentially a plastic sheet that lies on top of your washing line. Yet - it could help your clothes stay dry in a rain shower! Great for places with a lot of rain.

These inventions are from the British TV show "Dragon's Den." (It's similar to the American TV show "Shark Tank", and to the Canadian "Dragon's Den" TV show).

Best wishes,


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