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June 13, 2010, 05:18 PM
I hope I'm optimistic.

Hermine will be the 8th named storm of 2010, and history shows the H letter often hits in August, the projected finish line for the relief wells.

Which means we only have to dodge, the OTHER 6 storms which could develop into a hurricane.

And Gulf tropical storms can produce flooding, as far north as PA.

BUT, as an old Navy buddy living in S. CA says, "it ain't the hurricane, it's the EARTHQUAKE"...

My "doom and gloom" forecast has as much to do with our troops being spread a little too thin and GOD FORBID we have to deal with Two NATURAL or man-made disasters at the same time.

This could be a major DOMINO which creates a massive ripple effect through an already struggling to rebound economy.

The politics of the Gulf Oil Spill are nauseating, but the SPIRIT of the American Entrepreneur and even the victims of the spill is remarkable.

Why don't we put our NASA dollars into Energy? A man on the MOON? Of course.

Alternative energy? Never had the real desire to do so, oil was too cheap, coal readily available.

This disaster is the final wake up call. And OH, we who want our SUV's and cheap gas, well, maybe the American's time has come when we really can't "have our cake and eat it too".

Gordon Jay Alexander

PS. Sneak peek at new web site: www.doomgloombliss.com (http://www.doomgloombliss.com) It's just a shell and will be different on the 4th of the July, but you'll get the gist of it.

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