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View Full Version : Man determined to live inside giant soccer ball!

Dien Rice
June 16, 2010, 11:00 AM
I like to keep an eye sometimes on what others are doing for "publicity"... And I thought this was an interesting one, tied to the World Cup soccer!

In Melbourne, Australia (where I live), there was a competition, and the winner has to...

...live inside a giant soccer ball!

It has windows the public can peer through. The winner has to stay there during the whole tournament! (There's some money paid too.)

This seems to be an Adidas promotional "stunt" (along with some other sponsors)... You can get all the info from their dedicated Facebook page, here, plus photos at their Flickr page...



And here's an article about it...!


Hmm... Not so sure I'd want to spend my days in a giant soccer ball, but it makes for an interesting publicity stunt... :)

Best wishes!


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