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July 27, 2010, 03:08 PM


This tickled my entrepreneurial munny making spidey senses.

I'd love it if someone created an iTunes software template
that would let me -

a - send custom offers or messages to PDA or iPhone customers

b - Create small offers just for a PDA screen

c - Cut my big books about Advanced Sales and audio programs full of 100's of proven munny making ideas - into bite size iPhone pieces
and make offers to lots of new digital prospects.

ONE Idea at a time.

I 1st spotted this being used in Japan.

NOW the USA.

Glenn Osborn

Perhaps an Opportunity for some of You here at sowpub.

The iTunes link to the software app -


PROOF that Gary Halbert's advice still holds. "ACTION is better than doing nothing."

Pizza Hut Makes Some Dough

On the other hand, it may be that Au Bon Pain (A boston sandwich store) is
readying a potential goldmine with the app, if Pizza Hut's success with its
iPhone and iTouch application are any indication. Within three months of
their launch last year, the pizza chain announced it had*generated*more than
$1 million in sales from them.** The company believes that over the next
three to five years, a growing number of online transactions will migrate to
smartphones - and that the iPhone app is generating new, incremental sales
that would not have otherwise occurred.

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