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November 29, 2010, 08:22 AM
Asheville NC is one of my favorite cities. ONE thing I love, the people are happy ( a big generalization, for sure).

But it is a city of artists, musicians and people INVOLVED in life. My friend is an avid Sustainable advocate, in fact, he is Mr. Sustainability and is about to embark on a road trip around the country.

He has put together a multi media presentation, so if your club or organization is looking for an interesting and meaningful presentation, consider Ian Booth. Let me know and I'll make a connection.

His Brother Art was on the submarine with me, in fact, we had tried to get on the SubPac Golf team when we were in Hawaii. Yea, as President John Kennedy said, "life ain't fair when it comes to military service"...

There are guys whose duty it is, is to PLAY GOLF. And we gave it a shot, but neither of us were on our game that day. Imagine HAVING to play golf every day while you served your country???

Anyhow, Art has competed in a Champions Tour event through qualifying, and after watching him play and see his game Today...he shot 4 under on the local Donald Ross course from the far back blue tees...and that was even on the front...and 4 birdies on the tougher back side...

I've helped him decide to pursue his SHOT at becoming an exempt golf pro on one of the Champions Tours...and IF he can do it, at age 64, he'll become the oldest rookie in sports.

Which is sort of our "catch phrase". We're just getting things set up, here is an initial blog about Art's adventure:

www.artboothgolf.blogspot.com (http://www.artboothgolf.blogspot.com)

Art is going to FL with me and is going to play on a developmental tour and get as much action and practice in as he can...devoting full time to this quest. It is an almost impossible situation to compete against full time, well equipped, supported and well funded professionals on a have to work to pay the bills part-time basis.

So, after almost a decade OUT of golf, I'm going to get back in the game, that is, I'll be cheering for my old Navy Buddy Art Booth.

Gordon J. Alexander

PS. More to come on my Asheville Adventures. I've met some AMAZING Entrepreneurs who are doing incredible business with their little niches. And many Artists who may not be getting rich, but are doing their art and music with great love and satisfaction and HAPPINESS that no amount of money can buy.

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