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December 2, 2010, 10:59 AM

Here's the STORY.

I came to Asheville, NC to visit my old navy buddy Art Booth.

While here, I discovered he still had some amazing golf ability.

I encouraged him to take a shot at becoming an exempt player on a Champions (Senior) Tour, you know, for the old timers.

Art is 63 today and turns 64 in March.

He accepted "the challenge" and is prepping to make a run toward the Qualifying school for the Champions tour. IF he is successful, he'll become the oldest rookie in sports.

I've been "documenting" his process and will follow along for the next 3 months (at least) to see how he progresses.

So, that makes me a film maker, you can call me "Spielberg, Eastwood or Scorcese"...

or not.

I'm using a "toy" video camera, but in FL, I'll start shooting with more "professional" equipment, something you can't put in your shirt pocket.

Truly, I think it is an inspirational story. Most of my navy buddies are like me, OLDER and more decrepit than they need to be...

Art is an exercise type of guy, non-smoker, non-drinker, HEALTHY eater and does a lot of mountain hiking (at a very fast pace, puff-puff sez I)...

So, he may be 63 chronologically, but he's much younger physically.

ONE thing that impressed me are his Drives (Tee-Shots) and he averages about 290 yards with great accuracy off the tee, and this, using a decade old Big Bertha driver...on the machine at Dicks' Sporting Goods, he was over 300 yards with a new driver.

That is Art's first order of business, getting new UPDATED equipment, I won't be surprised, if a major equipment dealer steps up, once they see him play in FL.

You can't spot those pros anything, and if new equipment keeps you competitive, you have to DO it (although Art is in love with is clubs, he's understanding of the need to update and get tuned equipment).

Anyhow, Art and I depart Asheville, NC on Saturday and he begins his FL practice next week. He's coming off of a terrific month of practice here in the mountains. It will be interesting to see how he adjusts to the FL courses.

I've set up a blog and I've added a page at Facebook where, I, "Dino DeLeAlexander" will be posting up ongoing UPDATES.

I think he can do it. But, I'm a friend and supporter.

But for every guy over 55 who at one time had an athletic dream or two, keep your eye on Art Booth, he may make you want to forego those second helpings of mashed potatoes and take a walk around the block.

So, see you at the Sundance festival, or at the Oscars. I'm preparing my acceptance speech already...he...he HA!

Hey, do any of you OLD timers remember Endless Summer or even Arnold's "Pumping Iron"? Great documentaries and I'm probably going to steal a page or two from their playbook.

Gordon (Art, are you ready for your closeup? {ACTION}) Alexander

PS. I wouldn't be surprised if Art shoots his age in competive golf either, wanna bet?

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