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December 22, 2010, 03:36 PM
A Happy and Merry Christmas to everyone...

There's a site online that I personally love to visit for it's varied entertainment; from the somber to the insanely funny. What gets me goat though is the effort that people put into their work only to have chuckleheads knock it by posting cruel, obnoxious, immature, insulting, and downright degrading comments designed to what? bring attention to their lack of EQ? Who knows, but it really takes away from why I'm there in the first place, to be entertained and/or informed.

With this particular site there's only so many options available when it comes to allowing or disabling comments. It is possible to filter them, but filters aren't 100%, so you either you let them all through or you don't (with the exception of friends).

I'm just going to throw it out there even though I'm nervous (we all want our ideas to be good ones:) How about a membership service (20 buck sign up 5bucks per month...random numbers) that moniters a user's account according TO THEIR tolerance threshold. It is quite possible that people would feel better knowing there is an actual human being watching their back instead of proprietary software.

Okay, it's out there, I'm done. Thanks for mulling this over with me.

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