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December 25, 2010, 05:47 PM
A toast to old friends, Pete Egeler and Gary Grimes.

Gary Grimes was one of my favorite Cuyahoga Falls High School, Class of 1968, classmates. We spent one summer working daily on our basketball game, and probably would have started on most of the surrounding high schools, alas, at CF we had 3,000 kids in 3 grades and some talent on the hardwoods.

Gary was one of those guys who ALWAYS had a big smile at the ready...for anyone. He was a talented musician and spent the last few decades playing in a Beatles Tribute band, some say the best Tribute band ever.

Our class motto was, 'The Past to Remember, The Future to Behold', and I'll spend the next few days playing my part, as Janus, looking both directions.

Gary Grimes was one of my favorite classmates and I'm saddened, yet remember him fondly, by his passing.

We lost friend of the forum Pete Egeler this month too.

Pete was one of the first people to buy “The Chattel Report, The Sprint to Freedom” back in the day when I was making people send me USPS money orders, before my small potato patch at Dave Bancroft's Big Farm of Marketing Ideas, Pete called me excitedly and we talked chattel...and as I do with most people, encouraged him to buy and sell stuff he had an interest in.

It is always good to start with items you know and understand.

Pete was a DOER. In addition to trying his hand at chatteling, he took interest in HOTSHEETS, and I helped him and encouraged him to create a few of his own. He was keen on my Lottery Hotsheets, but, his location wasn't conducive to publishing a lottery hotsheeet. His Tennessee Hunting and Fishing HOTSHEET was published monthly, with moon cycles and tides info, and he had advertising on the back. He gave the hotsheets away for free, to bait and tackle, hunting and fishing stores, who gave it to their customers. When I wrote the HOTSHEETS report, I included Pete in the report.

Pete liked the 'advertising' methods of making moolah, and he's one of the few people I sent a sample of my 3-D Pop-Out menu ads I used on my menu boards. The problem Pete had, however, was that he was mostly rural and wasn't that close to population centers, he had to make a couple hour effort. In Northeast Ohio and also in S. FL, I've got millions of people within an hour, so chatteling and advertising is much easier for me.

Pete did like to research and write about the 'hidden' ideas, in the spirit of George Haylings, and I like to work with older guys who remember the 70's and all those great ideas from George Haylings, Melvin Powers, Jim Straw, Harvey Brody, Ben Suarez, Joe Karbo, Joe Sugarman, etc.

Pete was one of those guys. He was one of the first to get any new reports or products I had and he shared his new stuff with me. I encouraged Pete to develop his Hotsheet Program because it was something he could do with out any travel.

Pete was a DOER. And he will be missed, but, not forgotten. I know he had health problems, and his beloved too, and there isn't anything which stops you in your tracks like health problems. Pete Egeler, the TN Gentleman, will be remembered.

So I raise my glass in memory of two old friends,

To Gary Grimes, the best Paul McCartney this side of the pond with the best jump shot at CF High and to Pete Egeler, a DOER, a generous man with his ideas and time...

Gentlemen, you will be remembered. It was a privledge and a pleasure to know you both. Rest in peace and know you were appreciated and will be thought of with loving thoughts. Your time here is fondly recalled.

(And classmates near and far, and members of the forum join in:)

“Here here”.

Gordon Jay Alexander

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