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December 27, 2010, 02:00 PM
The Past to Remember, The Future to Behold.

I'll be bouncing back and forth between the past and the future.

Today, the future.

Washington DC. GRIDLOCK. Don't expect anything but more of the same old same old politics in DC. Since we don't allow political RANTS here, I'll focus on opportunity.

In two years, some people are going to make a ton of money...selling the tools to the political miners. Some "consultants" are going to make boat loads of moolah.

As will printers specializing in signs and buttons and bumper stickers.

The next presidential election is coming. Sooner than we think.

GOOGLE TV. Mixed reviews at this point, the Kevin Bacon ads are a part of the marketing mix, seems that many people think G TV needs a software update...I think it is part of the way they do biz...the old, FIRE, AIM, READY approach.

This time next year, G TV is going to be the HOT ticket item for the holidays...and the new world of search is going to explode.

MOBILE. It's here to stay and to replace in many ways the Internet, especially for local searches. Apps will be hot.

VIDEO rules. YouTube replaces almost all search engines.

Newspapers will continue to go out of business. More and more READERS will be available and as we go GREEN, fewer and fewer books will be published by traditional mainstream publishers (a threat made for years but one that is finally coming to a head).

GREEN is in. Green is good, let's thank god (Al Gore) for what he's dood. Invented the internet, eh?

But, if green and conservation is good for all of us, why does Al and et al keep driving those gas guzzling SUV's...a category specifically created to get around EPA mandates on gas mileage.

Inflation? HYPER inflation. Devaluation.

What about the coming MUNICIPAL bond failure?

Last month in Cuyahoga Falls, they closed their building department and asked the County to take over. Here is S FL, small police departments and fire departments are being folded into the County sheriff and county fire depts.

Cities are on the brink of bankruptcy. As are counties, states and where is the money coming from...more lotteries/casinos? Can't lose when you offer gambling, can you? How's Las Vegas doing as a city?

Of course, the natural disasters, and the man made ones will continue.

Mud slides, wild fires, tornadoes, hurricanes, oil spills, infrastructure failure will all be in the news in the coming year.

More created hysteria about 2012. Especially from those who will profit from it...

These are a few of the topics on the horizon of 2011.

It is a great time to take a position and let the train run you over...which in biz parlance means, put yourself on the track the money is going to be spent on.

This post gives you a few clues. More on the future and the past tomorrow.

Gordon Alexander

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