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December 29, 2010, 11:25 AM
Focus. Or lack of it.

Seems to be a challenge for so many people. In Think And Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill puts forth the theory that many younger men are distracted sexually and he says that is why so many men don't become successful until they pass 40.

May be a lot to that...younger people also have a lot more distractions, perhaps family or finding love/relationships.

But in financial ventures, especially small business start-ups or more accurately, money making adventures...there appears to be a lot of "jumping around" from thing to thing.

More butterflies going from flower to flower seeking nectar than there are saplings doing what they need to do to grow.

Why? Could be sexual tension.

My observations are: it is lack of education/understanding about how things work.

I'm amazed at how much assumption and "they say" type of thought takes place.

I tried to teach my 10 year old kids to challenge "they" whenever someone spouted off about "they say ______ "

Find out who THEY are, get citations, and do due diligence and find out...this was long before MYTH busters had a TV show...great show.

We need an Entrepreneurial version of this.

Truth is: there are no hard and fast rules about doing business or making money. This guy does this, that guy does that...and the one mantra I've struggled with since being a teen is:

"If I can do it, so can you."

Biggest pile of BS I've stepped into. Fact is, I am different from you and you from me, and what suits you, may not suit me.

And I see this MYTH in so many pursuits, and I've found that people can get hung up on the "role model"...

AND, here is the dichotomy, the "hypocrisy" of my point...I find that having a MODEL, a tested and proven method or way of doing something to be a good thing...

HOWEVER, I've never encountered (not yet anyhow) a pure cookie cutter system that can be used by everyone.

Alas, the dilemma is HOW to "twist" and turn the role model into a personal PLAN OF ACTION?

Part of my solution to this problem is to help people create CUSTOMIZED solutions, customized one-of-a-kind Plans which follow tested and proven methodology YET, allow for the individual to build upon his own foundations.

Which brings me back to FOCUS.

Lack of sustained effort, a "quitting" complex or finding something more shiny/sparkly...the grass is greener in the other pasture type thing...

to be ONE of, if not the single biggest stumbling block, the reasons why so many people don't reach their goals.

This time of the year is New Year's resolution time. Whether it is losing weight, getting into shape or making money...a majority of these goals will be abandoned by March/April.


Because the fundamentals of change have not been considered.

And because too many people attempt to follow the

IF I DID IT, YOU CAN TOO mantra/myth

of change.

They build their dreams upon the sand, or in the sky, rather than on the solid ground of human behavior and how it works.

So, for the umpteenth time I say:

FOCUS on you, build a foundation you can live with and wrap yourself around a framework of tested, proven and undeniable facts of how life works. And most often, it works best when you CUSTOMIZE your plan and build your unique personality into the plan too.

Gordon Alexander

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