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December 29, 2010, 08:25 PM
Some years ago, I sold Ads on Coffee Mugs and provided the mugs for FREE to local restaurants.

These were ONE-Color thingees and I made a nice chunk o change from these. However...because they were only ONE Color (usually Blue or Red Ink) I couldn't charge what I'd LIKE to have charged...so...I dropped it and went to other programs that paid me more for my time.

HOWEVER....I was recently made aware of "FULL COLOR ADS ON COFFEE MUGS"....which have more PIZZAZ....and....I could charge MORE for the ads.

So....I looked into it and found that....yes, indeed....the guy promoting these FULL COLOR Ad Mugs....was, in fact GETTING over $500 per Ad (8 ads on a mug = $4,000 Gross)

HOWEVER...upon checking into this deeper...I found that the Mugs this guy was using were NOT holding up in the Commercial Dishwashers used by Restaurants...so...the Mugs were chipping and the handles were breaking off.

(See Photo)

So....knowing that Woody Quinones hangs out here...I thought I'd drop this one here with the hope that he...or someone could find the answer to 3 questions I have about THESE Mugs;

I'm looking for a Coffee Mug that will;
1) Accept FULL Color Ink
2) Hold Up under Restaurant Diswasher conditions
3) Have an Imprint area that goes almost to the top and bottom of the Mug...as shown on the Sample.
Any suggestions appreciated. (Sublimation is out because they're too expensive)

Thanks much,
Don Alm....looking forward to 2011 projects

Ooopppsss....can't get the image down low enough to be accepted. Send me an email at DonAlm@Charter.Net and I'll email a jpeg to you

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