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December 30, 2010, 06:40 AM
Here's their new slogan (they're spending millions on this!)...

"[whatever] is an option. Clean is not."

The [whatever] refers to whatever the particular tv spot is featuring (theme).
One example: "Style is an option. Clean is not."

But here's the problem with the slogan, in general...

Clean is not [an option]?!?

I see they're trying to say clean is not OPTIONAL -- but the phrase, [something] is not an option, is based on FAILURE is not an option. That is, the thing that is to be AVOIDED, is not an option.

Meaning, the possibilities (paths to be taken) cannot include that something.
That is, failure is out of the question!

So... that definitely does NOT FIT!! "Clean is not (an option)."


SHOULD BE (of course) the OPPOSITE of what it now is -- should be, Stains are not (an option).

Another example of ad agency boneheadedness!

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