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December 30, 2010, 06:19 PM
Here's a New Year's idea that I'm going to pursue in 2011.

I'm NOT trying to "sell" you anything....just an example of the kind of Programs I come up with that has allowed me to be SELF-employed for ALL my adult life and NOT...Dependent upon anyone or any thing (GUMMIT)

Some years ago I sold ads on Coffee Mugs. Just one of a long line of Money-Making Ideas I...as an INdependent Thinker (relying on MYSELF to "provide me with a COMFORTABLE life-style)

I found a supplier...made up a Sample and....went out and sold Ad on the Cups.

I found I could only get a couple hundred bux per ad....so...after 2 restaurants I went onto other...more lucrative programs...for my time.

However...for the last 7yrs...I've been providing restaurants with Menus. FREE to the restaurants...because local businesses pay to have their Ads on the pages.

So...a couple of weeks ago...as I'm sitting in one of the restaurants that has MY Menus....the owner comes over to me and shows me the "New Coffee Mug" she had made.

The mug had the name of the restaurant in one-color (red)...on both sides of the mug.

As I was sitting there at the counter....holding the New Mug in my hands and...looking at the Menu (that had my FULL Color Ads on each page)...I got one of my famous, "Hot-Flashes"!

I thought, "Hey! If the owner likes her coffee mugs to have the Name of HER Restaurant....on her Coffee Mugs....why can't I put some FULL Color Ads of local businesses ON her mugs?

Heck....we're in the electronic-schmonic era....there's got to be somebody putting FULL Color Ads on Restaurant Coffee Mugs.

So...as we all do...nowadays...I "Let My Fingers Do The Walking" by going on Google....and...found a guy doing this (see below)

I found this guy had been putting FULL Color ads on restaurant coffee mugs for a few yrs BUT....his mugs have NOT held up under "Restaurant Conditions" so....even though the idea was;
EASY TO SELL (Full Color ALWAYS Sells)
and....for BIG BUX ($550 per ad x 8 ads per mug = $4,400)


So...I made up a Sample and went out and showed some of the advertisers on my Menus.

Yowee! Zowee! These people almost "ran me over" with their enthusiasm to GET THEIR ADS ON THE MUGS....in FULL COLOR!

And....when I mentioned the price of $550 per ad....they DIDN'T FLINCH!

So....I "think" I've found a supplier of these Mugs with FULL Color ads...similar to the Sample....HOWEVER....I am STILL in the "testing" stage and if anyone knows of a Co that can provide a Coffee Mug similar to the one shown below, it'd be much appreciated.

The one showing is NOT "Dishwasher-Safe".

Anyway....hope you ALL have a Great 2011

DOn Alm

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