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January 3, 2011, 12:10 PM
I'm excited.

2011 is going to be a great year for those who choose to make it so.

As a tradition, I'll give you my picks for the top 10 "money making" ideas (which I'll be using) in 2011.

I call this, Back to the Future.

At the top of my list is CHATTELING. Sure, I'm a broken record. Redundant. Repetitive. RE dux.

But buying and selling personal property has never been better. Today, I'm using only craigslist and ebay to find undervalued chattel and flip it for a profit.

More on chatteling later as TWO new updates come out and I begin to video deals.

VENDING. I've mentioned it in the last week. The snack food, or specialty snack business is booming as many other businesses lag.

TREATS, along with alcohol, b oo m in recessionary times. Treats backed by a successful company, too many were caught with their chocolate nuts hanging out in the recession.

So, if you have a treat and good locations, now is a great time to get into the specialty snack business.

Small press PUBLISHING.

I'm going back to PRINTED materials, especially HOTSHEETS and specialty reports as well as staying and expanding DIGITAL. Readers were a big selling item this holiday season, so it makes sense to have your stuff at Amazon or iTunes so it can be downloaded.

BUT, with today's print on demand and places like Kunaki and Bookmasters to do the fulfillment, everyone/anyone can have a "publishing" division to their empires, no matter how one room, or one small corner of a room your empire may be.

I like spiral bound workbooks. AND, I'm into laminating so portable "White Boards" can be created and easily carried around.

Absentee owned "services" will be a good choice. Cleaning, window washing, restoration, auto detailing, rug and floor care...combined with SUPERIOR MARKETING are going to be good sources of income for a few who can manage people.

ADVERTISING specialties, including MOBILE as well as Internet and good old fashioned PRINTED materials will find an audience of buyers.

COACHING is on a continuous UPward trend and cycle. My own Coaching/Caddy Program is seeing remarkable results as I perfect the systems.

If you know how to do something well, COACHING can open doors to your success.

10,000 boomers a DAY turn 65 for the next decade...cash in with products/services/information which serves this hungry niche.

I like INFORMATION products, where and how to retire, how to fly low and collect the dough type stuff as well as some very specific HOW to for the boomers to rejuvenate themselves.

HEALTH will remain front and center stage as the GOP goes after Obama care with a vengence.

Retention of health, via vitamins, nutritional supplements, low impact exercise will find a billion dollar market this year.

Of course, dieting, exercising, FOOD PREPARATION will continue to be staples and will offer some tasty profits for those so inclined.

TV will change this year, like no other year before. Anyone can have their own TV show thanks to Internet Syndication. The old order of media is crumbling.

Internet revolts too. Ask American Airlines, who have come under fire from several "marketing web sites". AA might be smart, or it could cost them business...let's keep an eye on this because it represents billions of dollars of transactions.

So, my top 10 picks for money making endeavors for 2011 are:

1- Chatteling. Buy and sell baby, make as much as you want.
2- Information PUBLISHING, especially real product.
3- Virtual/Digital publising. Every SowPubber should have work at Amazon or iTunes by the end of the year...why not?
4- Coaching/teaching. Share your experience.
5- Start and manage (absentee ownership) a SERVICE business.
6- VENDING. Cash in on the Specialty Snack Market.
7- Health counselor of some sort: yoga, bodyworks, massage, vitamins, supplements and again, it can be an absentee/JV
8- BOOMERS. Don't ignore the 10,000 people a day turning 65, serve up information/products/services which cater to these folks.
9- ADVERTISING Go mobile, internet, old world printing but, get some sort of an advertising campaign in motion this year.
10- ACQUISTIONS. Look for opportunities to acquire new products/old products and give them a twist, fresh coat of marketing paint and expedite and accelerate your success. A lot of boomers are going out of business, you can pick up ideas, and even successful businesses with some sweat equity or a good JV structure.

NOTHING earth shattering here, just some solid opportunity for 2011 for those who want to take advantage of it.

ADD your own, ask some questions or just post up some other ideas.

And make 2011 the best year yet.

Gordon Jay Alexander

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