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January 18, 2011, 12:37 PM
To no one in particular, to everyone in general...

The HOLIDAY is over. Get your butts back to work.

Some people had great momentum going into the holiday season, then, once the new year hit, the weather came...pffft, it seems like starting over...

So, especially to myself...GET BUSY.

This is the grind time, the nose to the wheel, the get er done time...when you don't feel like it, when you don't have momentum...when it seems you've forgotten why you were doing your project...

Get back to looking at the goal, the end result, the view from the rooftop...the big reward...and get the motivation (movement) you need.

So, hold my feet to the fire too....by end of month I'll have my "Persuasion/Copywriting" Course ready to send (beta, review copies) and also TWO other "updated" and revised projects. A TIME MANAGEMENT course based on the SQ1 and the White Board projects and also...

"The Bill of Civility Rights" some of you might remember this flip over booklet...

I've added a new section on to these:

Your civility rights for when you are the:



For when you are the


The NEW Civility Rights are for when you are


That may be ready by the end of the week

So, I too, needed a kick in the butt, a slap up side the head and a reminder that: The holidays are over...

You don't get paid for doing nothing.

Let's get our momentum back and push those rocks up that hill.

Gordon Jay Alexander

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